Our Mission

Mission Statement

Through the media of documentary films and related methods, the Lillian Lincoln Foundation aims to make available to the public, information about topics that impact society or about individuals that have an impact on society.

About Us

Since 1985, the Lillian Lincoln Foundation has been a family owned non-profit foundation operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. The foundation was established by Lillian Lincoln, founder of local television station KTSF Channel 26, who moved to the Bay Area in 1957. Lillian was the original license holder for the station and the first woman to own a broadcast television station in San Francisco. The station began transmitting from San Bruno Mountain in 1976, providing programming to an Asian market who was at that time unserved by traditional media. After KTSF was up and running, Lillian moved into philanthropic ventures. She started the foundation to tell stories about the world that she found engaging and had meaning to her in a documentary format, many of which went on to have public television and educational broadcasts. Following Lillian’s death in 2014, the foundation has passed into the hands of her family.

Lillian Lincoln

Lillian Lincoln